Perfectly Imperfect.

-The name's Mackenzie Collen A sucker for hugs, & guys with beautiful smiles. A typical teenage girl who hides the pain she holds with a smile. The kind of girl who doesn't like to see other people in the dumps. She likes to express herself & doesn't care what other people think of her. She knows all too well about the concept of people leaving. She tends to get close to certain people & in the end only hurts herself. Yet the kind of girl who would rather have a nice dinner & night at the movies then go to some big party. An athlete who is addicted to running & even when she gets injured would do anything to stay out there & do her job. The kind of girl who loves kids and the beach. Also the kind of girl who tries to control of all things: school, homework, home, sports. pressure, & at the end of the day passes out early after a hard day's work. The typical teenage girl that it seems these days no one likes to admit they are. But this girl doesn't care & if you can't handle that, then that's your problem.